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Our Rigorous Alignment Ensures High ROI on Implementation of Projects and Business Processes

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Our Services

eMpulse has an execution model that synchronizes competencies across various domains to offer customized services which help companies to enhance operations and maximize net income.


eMpulse with highly competent global consultants enhances your company’s operations and net income.

Digitization and IT

Our solutions help customers overcome initial roadblocks and move over to a completely digital system.

Process Outsourcing

With our domain experts, we perform arbitrage
work at a low cost from
global locations.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data and Analytics enable your enterprise to harness raw data at your disposal and deploy the insights for business gains

Digital Marketing

We help in boosting your digital market presence, do competitor analysis, or tackle other challenges, within your budget.

Market Research

eMpulse has successfully established itself as a leading provider of highly customized and results-driven high-quality market research services pan India.


What Have We Achieved?






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Digital transformation is possible for legacy enterprises

Recently I was at a leading automobile company in Chennai. I was there to meet its CIO. What I found in his cabin was a clean-looking table with not even a single paper but just his laptop on it.


Take control of your factory production with PIMS

Take control of your factory production with PIMS Most of the enterprise software providers are silent on process information management system or PIMS for a manufacturing facility since most...


Do you have MIMS to track your digital campaign?

Advancement in technology has made digital marketing far more measurable than ever before. We can experiment with our digital campaigns with little budget, check performance and take actions based on it.