eMpulse specializes in helping you understand the global markets. eMpulse is your partner in providing market research services within the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia. We use a combination of quantitative research, quali

tative research to provide the highest return on investment for your research dollars.
This unique offering at value price has been made possible by:




A great grounding in understanding of the local country markets
eMpulse's understanding of interacations within the international markets
Dramatic reduction in international communication costs
Business consulting background in globalization
eMpulse has successfully supported both large and small companies by helping them understand their customers in many international markets.

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eMpulse is a global market research company with a foundation built on strong data analytics capabilities. Our capabilities to run full service studies using field data combined with the advanced big data analytics abilities of our team provided superior insights about your customers. We offer these services;

  1. Full service market research in India for International and Indian clients
  2. Full service market research in USA & Cananda
  3. Full service market research in Europe
  4. Qualitative and quantitative data analytics for global clients, provided by our Analysts in India supported by our international offices