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Market Research Process
We believe it is critical to discuss the client's needs and learn about the business situation as well as the dynamics of the client's organization. Only then we can design a research approach that is relevant and efficient in terms of both cost and timeline.

eMpulse can undertake research to give insights into:

  • Markets - Segmentation Studies, Demand Estimation Studies
  • Customers - Usage & Attitude Studies, Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Products - Positioning Studies, Product Tests, Brand Image
  • Advertising - Communication Research, Concept Tests
  • Service Quality Measurement
We will recommend methodology that is right for the client.

eMpulse team can help you with all aspects of exploratory and confirmatory Market Research including:
  • One-on-one Interviews
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Choice Modeling
  • Customer Visits
  • Surveys
  • Experimentation
  • Secondary Research
  • Web based studies
  • Online surveys
  • Big data analytics
  • Ethnographic Research
Raw data is analyzed and converted to information and then matched with the capabilities and strategies of the company, to provide an actionable roadmap for achieving business goals.

eMpulse believes in a rigorous approach to quality assurance. We use world class quality assurance techniques to ensure output meets international standards. Click here to view a typical quality assurance framework for eMpulse.

Click here to view an example of the steps involved in a typical market research process.

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