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Market Research Analysis

eMpulse India market research analysis team is able to deliver reports that are immediately actionable. The tasks performed by the team are:

  • Data Processing:
    • Data Entry
    • Quality Inspection of Field Data
  • Data Analysis:
    • Data preparation and data quality
    • Data analysis including big data analytics
      Some of the types of analysis that are performed by the team are :
      • Basic Cross tabulations
      • Multi Variate analysis
      • Segmentation and Cluster analysis
      • Conjoint analysis
      • Hypothesis testing
      • Regression studies
      • Other advanced analysis
    • eMpulse analytics team is capable of operating in all popular MR analytics software environments including SPSS, Quantum, Minitab, Excel and SAS. Analysis is conducted either with survey data or POS big data analytics.
  • Reporting: Charts and Graphs
    • Final report writing including interpretation and recommendations
    • MS Office products like PowerPoint and Word is used for this.

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