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Digital Marketing

eMpulse develops interesting ideas which blend creativity with feasibility. We offer Digital Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Integration and Promotion, Email and Mobile Marketing, Website Design and Development, Content Management System and Performance Monitoring using data visualization tools. eMpulse provides Digital Marketing services in three phases – Content Creation, Content Dissemination and Report/ MIMS.

Content Creation Phase

We write content for posting on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Yelp. In this phase we record, edit and mix videos along with audios. Meta content, like meta description, keywords and backlinks, is also taken care. Our designer design Infographics for social media, classified Ads, newsletter and standard banners.

Content Dissemination Phase

Content dissemination on social media is done by posting on walls, pages and groups, sending group invitations, channel creation and uploading videos on YouTube and Instagram. Search Optimization is done through meta content, keywords, backlinks, PPC, CPM and directories by uploading links, content and images, Google AdWords account setup and keyword bidding. We conduct Direct Marketing through Newsletters, EDM, SMS and WhatsApp. Digital Ads, PR and Media is also done through banner ads, classified ads, press release, contributory articles, and interviews.

Report/ MIMS Phases

eMpulse, in this phase, helps clients to know the result of digital marketing activities. We do web analytics, social analytics, reputation management and sentiment analysis and generate a dashboard through data visualization tools.

Our approach for rendering Digital Marketing services includes
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Problem Definition
  • Solution Design
  • Client Approval
  • Measuring
  • Set and Implementation

We help clients to increase brand awareness and value, improve search engine rankings, attain higher visibility, greater ROI, enhance the business–client relationship, acquire new customers and improve strategies.