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Digitization and IT

Several projects relate to automation and digitization. IT professionals within the eMpulse team help implement automation projects. The process specialists and black belts present the requirements to the IT team which develops customized software as per the company’s needs. eMpulse’s IT delivery engine is strongly aligned with business processes and focused on adding great value to clients’ business, which ensures high RoI on implementation of projects, and organizational needs. Our projects deploy relevant and state-of-the-art digitization technologies. We thrive on a strong team culture that uses agile development methods and holds people accountable. One of the key pillars of this engine is people; we assess the talent pool available within your organization to optimize your resources. We do this by exploring answers to some key questions, such as: What kind of and how many people do you need to hire? What must be the experience level and skill set of the new hires? What is the best model that will give you quality resources at the right cost?

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  • State of the art technologies
  • Integrated Approach

Operating and Delivery Model

Mapping the work processes is another part of the IT delivery engine. This brings to the picture information on the sequence of activities involved in our work. The kind of units involved in the work and policies within these units are also considered. Methods by which the company protects its IP are also evaluated. Ensuring the efficacy of the model is a strong governance and metrics mechanism that allows a comprehensive view of the project’s progress through IT operating model and IT delivery model. IT operating model works on a rigorous framework of strong processes for requirements gathering, release management, documentation and other key framework requirements. Our IT delivery model ensures project delivery on time and budget.

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