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Led by professionals with over two decades of experience in the market research industry, eMpulse has successfully established itself as a leading provider of research services in India, for domestic and global companies. With our team of highly specialized research and analytics professionals, we are able to deliver great value for our clients. When it comes to market research, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution; and this is especially true as we work across varied domains and verticals. Despite being industry-agnostic, eMpulse has emerged popular as a provider of highly customized and results-driven high-quality market research services in the country.
Features of Our Winner Market Research Proposition

  • Value-for-money pricing
  • Rigorous EDM framework to support delivery
  • Led by researchers with over two decades of market research experience
  • Ability to offer high-quality research services matching industry standards
  • Accepted service provider with clients among MNCs, large Indian companies and startups
  • A team that draws from various domain expertise, with an average 10 years of experience

Market Research Capabilities

eMpulse India’s mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective market research services in India to businesses operating in the global market. We have grown into one of the leading market research providers in India since 2007. Our vision is to grow into a leading provider of outsourced market research services for both global companies with operations in India and Indian companies. eMpulse India is a market research firm that provides customized market research solutions for our clients.

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